Squash with Bee

Welcome to the Windy Hill Organics site. We began as the family farm of James and stock options trading philippines Janice Williams 16 years ago in Mills County selling meat goats and Red Brangus Cattle and leasing land to a huge Angora goat herd. Four years ago, we moved to a smaller piece of land in Comanche County, downsizing our original herd of goats and cattle. On June 1 of 2008, Ty Wolosin, the son, finished graduate school at The University of Montana and came back to Texas to take over the farm. Expanding on a pre-existing but underused 5,000+ sq/ft garden, the produce side of Windy Hill began. Although we are not "certified" organic, we feel that the produce we what is binary options grow goes well beyond the requirements of organic certification. Now in 2010 the process to shift the entire goat feed supplements to organic and the cattle heard to grass fed and finished is complete. The chickens are fed only organic feed and allowed to forage on native grass pastures.

Windy Hill Organics is made up of two businesses, Windy Hill Organics being the produce side of the business, and CTY Ranch being the “ranching side.” We have a 5,000 sq/ft garden that has been under organic management for three years, perennial herb garden, and three raised beds outside the garden that we rotate crops in. We grow a wide variety of produce and generally try to grow heirloom varieties. The ranching business consists of a small herd of grass fed beef, twenty-two goats (20 meat goats and 2 milk goats) and free range/cage free chickens for eggs. With 95 acres split into six sections, we are able to practice good pasture rotations with the trade binary options animals and keep over grazing at bay and native grasses, trees, and shrubs happy. We practice all the following, and some more than others: farming, gardening, permaculture, husbandry, CSA, community, orchards, energy, bio-dynamics, retail, management, square foot gardening, double digging, companion planting, cattle/goat pasture rotations, and more!

For the Spring/Summer 2010 season, Windy Hill Organics is offering produce via a few select restaurants, and farmers markets. For restaurants that use Windy Hill Organics please see the "Links" tab. Seasonally on Saturdays you can find Windy Hill Organics at the White Rock Locals Market and at the HOPE market Sundays in Austin. Check the News frame on the right side to see if Windy Hill is going to market. See the "Links" tab for more information on the markets.